Entertainment At Bedford Tavern


At the Bedford Tavern we offer a variety of entertainment. Every Tuesday night we feature a local artist playing dinner friendly acoustic and minimally electric music in the upstairs dining room.  These sessions are known as “Tuesday Night Therapy”. Friday nights join us, from 10pm-2am, for live entertainment which includes a DJ or band.   Our house DJ, Rocksteady, will keep you dancing all night to your requests.  Occasionally, we will feature a guest DJ or a band on Saturday night; check our Facebook page for updated bookings.

Other events that have been hosted at the Bedford Tavern include Magician, Scott Xavier, ghost hunting tours, and wine tasting dinners. Plus, our venue is perfect for baby showers, bridal showers, bridal dinners and more.



“Tuesday Night Therapy” – Upstairs



Friday (& occasionally
Saturday) Nights

DJ or Band from 10am – 2pm – Downstairs